Workforce Advisory


Future Platform can partner with your organisation to provide strategic input and advisory relating to the management of your people.


This advice covers all aspects of the employee lifecycle from selection and onboarding, through to performance managment frameworks, employee departure and metric development. ​





Clients interested in on-going support to improve workforce capability can establish a retained relationship with support tailored to meet the individual needs of the organisation.

Change Management


Future Platform partners with organisations or teams, through premeditated change. We offer targeted programs of work to facilitate the process to ensure future goals are met and it is a collaborative journey.


Whilst we acknowledge the broad organisational levers that can assist in driving change, Future Platform specialise in Leadership Transition and Realignment. This means we target leadership and management groups and key change supporters to ensure there is a coordinated and aligned approach across the organisation.


Our programs incorporate key stakeholder analysis, leadership clinics, communication plans, business performance metrics and tracking and individual targeted coaching.

Workforce  & Client Opinion Research


Future Platform will work with your organisation to design bespoke surveys that will provide you with information to inform business decisions.


Surveys may be targeted internally and seek employee opinions or externally and seek customer, client or key stakeholders opinions.


For Organisations.

A Retained Relationship

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