APA Group

APA Group (APA) is Australia’s largest natural gas infrastructure business, owning and/or operating $12 billion of energy assets.Its gas transmission pipelines span every state and territory in mainland Australia, delivering approximately half of the nation’s gas usage.

The Scenario


APA Group were interested in developing a survey to gather the opinions  of employees across a range of dimensions that were important areas of performance for the business.


These areas related for example to recent organisational change, performance management, culture and diversity, management & leadership.


The key objective was to provide real time information relating to targeted areas relevant to the APA business. The business had previous conducted broader culture surveys so it was important the information gathered was not redundant and survey fatigue needed to be considered.


The Solution


Future Platform worked in partnership with APA Group to deveop a workforce opinion survey tool targeted at the key themes they were interested in investigating. To support this tool key messaging and communications were developed for distribution across the workforce.


Not all employees were office based so in additon to online distribution, alternative methods for completion were provided.

A global level report was provided plus reports against key demographic breakdowns such as department,  location and reporting level. In addition a more detail analysis of the information was provided.


Future Platform administered the complete survey and managed the follow up communications.


Tailored results presentations were developed for all locations across Australia and all employees were invited to attend briefing sessions.




  • APA Group were able to identify tension points that existed against the targeted areas

  • Focus groups were conducted that allowed for solutions to be developed that directly address concerns raised

  • A benchmark level has been established so APA will be able to re-administered and determine whether the actions put in place post the survey have resulted in an improvement in outcome.

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